1964 Ford Econoline

1964 Ford Econoline

1964 Ford Econoline Design By Mike Miernik

This project is in the works; the customer wanted something radical, so out with the straight six and in with the small block, and air ride. New fabricated sub-frame and suspension gets this thing low. I designed body mods which include tucked-in front bumper, recessed headlamp rings, grill, and tail treatment. An all new interior will include a unique engine cover shape, and a simple dash design. As the sketch shows, the truck will sport some polished trim to tie in some of the character lines and bring in some mild cool graphics.

64 Econoline Pickup Restoration In Progress

64 Econoline Pickup Restoration


  1. Ty Augustine says

    That is the EPITOME of cool! I hope to do something similar with mine. Just seeing it done lights a fire under me!

    Keep up the fantastic work.