My passion for cars began when I was just a little guy, at the age of 4, when my father sketched a picture of a car for me. From that single moment sketching cars was all I could think about, and this led to years of creating and sketching all types of vehicles.

Ultimately I developed my God-given talent by attending and graduating from the well-known Art Center College of Design, which at that time was located in Los Angeles.

As a young designer my desire was to sign on with one of the “Big 3” studios; and that’s exactly what happened. My wife and I moved to Detroit from sunny California and I spent a couple years in the advanced styling studios of Chrysler Corporation. How cool was that?!

Well, since that time my experience has grown and I still continue creating unique vehicles on paper. I offer a little nostalgia by illustrating past vehicles with a unique history, and create future concepts and customs.

I hope you enjoy the pieces that you see here and that they may stir up your interest and passion for the automobile as well.

Thank you for your interest in my work.