Commissioned Customization Projects

Mike Miernik knows cars inside and out. Mike has been commissioned to design custom car projects with custom interiors, custom exteriors, body and chassis modifications, custom suspension and more. Here are examples of art work as well as photographs of the final outcomes of these projects.

Mach 40 Featured in Hot Rod Magazine

The modern-day re-engineering of an all-time classic Mach I is hitting news stands and YouTube channels everywhere. Mike Miernik’s design of the “Mach 40” has made its way from design to engineering to all stages of construction and finally to grab the public’s eye in venue after  venue and across all media. The Mach 40 […]

Miernik Art Inspires Stunning Customization

  From the early days of Rock ‘n’ Roll, you may recall Charlie Ryan and his hit “Hot Rod Lincoln”.  Bob “Stretch” Stredwick pays homage to this myth with his custom project that was inspired by Mike Miernik’s art named “Flames On Primer“. Hot Rod Magazine published an article on Stretch Stredwick’s customization of a […]

63 Chevy Impala – “Corpala”

This Impala was given the full pro-touring treatment with a G-Force Chassis, C6 drivetrain, 550 hp LS7, and 6 speed transaxle. My job was to design and spec the color, wheels, tail lamp mods and exhaust details. The car has a clean look retaining an OEM appearance yet what’s underneath speaks for itself.

1964 Ford Econoline

This project is in the works; the customer wanted something radical, so out with the straight six and in with the small block, and air ride. New fabricated sub-frame and suspension gets this thing low. I designed body mods which include tucked-in front bumper, recessed headlamp rings, grill, and tail treatment. An all new interior […]

1949 Hudson- “Hudsino”

This project is another in-the-works piece. The owner wanted driveability, performance with some utility. I designed this car to retain it’s classic shape, sweeping lines, and cool aero look. Some of the exterior body mods include a pancaked hood, new grill, dual action trunk/ tailgate, third passenger door, and unique rear wheel openings. This aero […]

1967 Chevelle Super Sport

This project was a simple graphic/ color design on a car that has been totally modernized with Ekert’s 3G chassis and LS drivetrain. I didn’t want to do the common rally stripes but a graphic to reflect what’s going on underneath the car. The stance, wheels, color and graphics help make this car hook-up you […]

The Mach 40 – a ’69 Mustang Customization

The owner of this car wanted something out of the ordinary, but a car that could have been developed and built when the original Mach 1 was introduced. As the name suggests, it would be a combination of the Mach 1 styling and the GT40 power train.  I designed the body to retain the Mach […]

65 Ford F100

The owner of this 1965 Ford F100 purchased this truck when it was 6 years old and has held onto it for over 40 years. This truck stayed in his family over the decades being used by one family member and passed on to the next. Although newer vehicles arrived and took the attention of […]

1935 Ford Sedan

This ’35 is a cool rod.  It rides on air-ride suspension and has an old school theme with modern components.  When the builder, Graveyard Customs, asked me to help with the design the first thing I thought of was to give it a two-tone color theme; a hot copper for the mid section and a […]