Mach 40 Featured in Hot Rod Magazine

Mach 40 in Hot Rod Magazine

The Mach 40 as featured in Hot Rod Magazine

The modern-day re-engineering of an all-time classic Mach I is hitting news stands and YouTube channels everywhere. Mike Miernik’s design of the “Mach 40” has made its way from design to engineering to all stages of construction and finally to grab the public’s eye in venue after  venue and across all media. The Mach 40 has now become a featured article in Hot Rod Magazine. This custom project has barely hit the street and its history is being chronicled everywhere you look.  The idea was hatched by engineer Terry Lipscomb and designer Mike Miernik, then sent to Eckert’s Rod & Custom ( and Hardison Metal Shaping ( to become reality. The Mach 40 is a street-worthy machine, computer assisted, mid-engine, shortened, stretched, customized in just about every conceivable way, yet keeps the spirit of the original design. Eyes pop and jaws drop at every turn of the road.

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