Miernik Art Inspires Stunning Customization

Hot Rod Magazine featured Model A by Stretch Stredwick

Stretch Stredwick’s Model A with Lincoln Zephyr V-12, based on Mike Miernik’s “Flames on Primer” and featured in Hot Rod Magazine


From the early days of Rock ‘n’ Roll, you may recall Charlie Ryan and his hit “Hot Rod Lincoln”.  Bob “Stretch” Stredwick pays homage to this myth with his custom project that was inspired by Mike Miernik’s art named “Flames On Primer“. Hot Rod Magazine published an article on Stretch Stredwick’s customization of a 1930 Model A.

Mr. Stredwick puts it in perspective when he describes the familiar and very popular style using only grey primer for the color scheme. He reports that what happened frequently with garage customizations was that all the builder’s money would be consumed by expensive engine and frame parts so that, by the time the finishing touches are applied, the builder is pretty much broke. So… primer was as far as the paint colors got and not a bad look at all. In fact, most people would never question the aesthetic look of flat grey primer.

Mike Miernik’s art encapsulates that, too, and Mr. Stredwick used this as a basis to follow with his own addition of the Lincoln Zephyr V-12 powered Model A featured in Hot Rod Magazine.